SCARLETT VAN KETWICH VERSCHUUR discovered her love for aesthetics and architecture while living in paris. Having lived in Hong Kong and London, she developed an eye for special features that REFLECT different cultural backgrounds, providing truly eclectic interiors. During her studies at the renowned Ecole boulle she became increasingly interested in the idea of offering clients a very personalized interior. equilibre interiorS was founded by scarlett in london in 1997 and is now based in amsterdam. together with a team of professionals she now runs projects all over the world.

Equilibre Heritage, OUR VINTAGE AND PRE-OWNED ITEMS SHOP, developed organically over the years. Scarlett realized that her clients experienced a constant need for change of furniture due to the life stages they find themselves in. current global factors of overproduction and international shipping of products call for minimization and the reuse of timeless, well-appointed pieces. Equilibre Heritage aims to reuse them AND GIVE theM a SECOND life. ACCORDING TO SCARLETT'S WAY OF WORKING, INTERIORS NEED TO BE AUTHENTIC, IN LINE WITH THEIR SURROUNDINGS AND A REFLECTION OF THE OWNERS SPIRIT.

When acquiring an item from Equilibre Heritage one 'inherits' the desired piece. Each treasure is from Equilibre Interior's private collection or from A conscious client who IS ready to give up A good piece AND PASS IT ON TO A NEXT GENERATION. These PRE-OWNED Items have in common that they are authentic, bold and timeless.