“Creating a balance between a well designed interior and a meaningfull home  is what I love”

Scarlett discovered her love for esthetics and architecture while living in Paris. During her studies at the renowned Ecole Boulle she became increasingly interested in the idea of offering clients
a very personalized interior. Having lived in Hong Kong  and London, she developed an eye for special features that reflect different cultural backgrounds, providing truly eclectic interiors.

“I’ve always felt it’s not about subscribing to one look, but getting an idea from here and there, following my instincts and creating something fresh and authentic.”

Founded by Scarlett in London in 1997, Equilibre Interiors relocated to Amsterdam five years later. She then teamed up with Toscha van Randwijck to expand the business.
Since 2014 Toscha decided to move to Prague where she is now running a high end custom made furniture company.

Scarlett has taken on a team of professionals and now runs Equilibre Interiors from a studio on Amsterdam’s stunning Prinsengracht. With projects ranging all over the world
she loves to engage with her clients and embracing the inspiration her travels provide.

Scarlett also partnered with fellow world traveler and daughter of a reputable Moroccan furniture maker, Sabrina Chaoui, to found KSAHAR.
After meeting on a flight to Marrakech in 2015 they both appreciated the serendipity of their encounter. Sharing the love of travel and interior design and with their combined experience,
they felt confident they could offer the decorating market something unique.

An oriental  art deco inspired furniture line, with striking colors, lacquer, plain wools and rich walnut combined with wrought iron.
They work only with local artisans who have been with Sabrina’s family for generations.